LikeHey, I’m Robin, and I’m in my early 20’s – a total social media enthusiast! I’ve always been drawn to this digital world, connecting people, and spreading awesome messages. It’s kind of like being a digital cheerleader, I suppose.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, but I made a smart move to Vancouver. Snowy seasons? Not my thing. Give me the calming nature of Vancouver any day! But, hey, my family is still back in Toronto, so I visit whenever I can – just not during the winter season!

Now, I’m stoked to be part of the Just Organics team, handling their PR and social media stuff. At first, I joined mainly for my social media skills, but you know what? Charlie and Alex’s passion for organic living is rubbing off on me, and I’m starting to see things differently.

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to being responsible. Like being mindful of how I dispose of things. Small steps can make a big impact, and I want to do my part!

When it comes to staying active, I’m all about outdoor adventures! Walking, hiking, and the occasional run – there’s nothing like the fresh air and being out in nature to boost my mood and energy.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t always eat healthy. I mean, life’s all about balance, right? But I’ve started shopping differently, exploring organic stores and trying out new goodies. Organic fruits and veggies are my go-to, ’cause who wants those pesticides from supermarket produce?

Oh, did I mention I’m a bit of a chatterbox? Social media is a natural fit for me. I love sharing stories, ideas, and inspiring others to make positive changes.

Being part of Just Organics feels like a great opportunity for me. I’m genuinely excited to work with Alex and Charlie, and I hope our site reaches more people, spreading it’s important message far and wide. Organic living is the way to go, and I want to do my part in making the world a healthier and greener place.

So, let’s get the word out there and make this movement bigger and bolder! Here’s to Just Organics and all the positive changes we can create together. Let’s grow and give this planet the love it deserves! 🌿💚

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I’ve always been involved and interested in the environment and have been heavily into organics for around 10 years. I can’t see myself going back either as the change has been a positive one for me.

Alex and I have been bumping into each other for about 5 years now and we finally decided to do something together – so we started Just Organics and want to share great info about sustainable living.

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I’m a hippie from way back – always have been and always will be. It’s only natural that I found a love of organic life and wanted to share that love with others.

I met Charlie probably 4-5 years ago and although we’re different, we’re also pretty similar in many ways. As a result, we decided to team up and start Just Organics.